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Here at Truly Connected Travel, our mission is to encourage travelers to engage with people, cultures, and places, no matter how unfamiliar. It’s important to give yourself time to assimilate into the culture. Stopping for a coffee in a local cafe is just as important to us as seeing the Eiffel Tower. 


We want our clients to have complete exposure and immersion in different cultures, food, languages, and arts.  For us it's about slowing down, resting, and realigning. We ensure this by not overplanning your itinerary.

Truly Connected Travel favors smaller boutique hotels and unique design-forward properties that focus on laid-back luxury. By staying at one-of-a-kind properties you can get a better feel of the neighborhood, get personal recommendations from hotel employees, and support local businesses and economies.

Our hotel relationships guarantee you are taken care of. You will receive extra hotel perks and amenities when you book through us. At no additional cost to you!

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Hi there,
I'm Aimee.

Aimee Suthann founded Truly Connected Travel as a place to share her love for travel and wellness. She has created a space for people looking to connect and engage in new cultural surroundings.


She specializes in handcrafted luxury travel experiences that bring new opportunities and new ways to experience the world. Drawing inspiration from her extensive world travels she is able to hand-select beautiful design properties that engage you with your surroundings and promote intentional travel.


She is always on the lookout for new destinations, and new accommodations for personal and group travel. 

Aimee is a Breathwork Facilitator and Retreat Guru. You'll find her in Santa Monica spending her free time at the beach, enjoying Mexican food, or walking her Goldendoodle, Bodie.

we  love  travel.

Our ethos


Our Vision

We help others reach outside destinations by offering handcrafted travel experiences.


Our Promise

Each experience we offer will be authentically curated and immersed in luxury, culture, and connection.


Our Beliefs

We believe in sustainable, intentional travel and look for greener ways of doing business. We have partnered with One Tree Planted to offset carbon emissions by planting 5 trees for each customer who purchases travel or retreats with us.

Intentional, Luxurious, & Conscious
Travel Experiences.

Travel Experiences Offered


We handcraft custom travel experiences for personal and group travel. Travel experiences can range from complete itineraries to hotel bookings, or concierge services.



We host wellness retreats in beautiful spaces and places. Yoga, Pilates, Private Coaching, Photography, and more. Retreats are a safe place to travel alone or with friends, a place to explore and learn more about yourself.​

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