Jaguar Alchemy

Yoga + Transformational Retreat

Tulum, Mexico

August 2-7th, 2020

With Laurana (LaLa) Kuhlman & Camila Matos

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Are you looking to turn chaos into clarity, build structure, and uplevel your life? Join Laurana and Camila on a 5 night/6 day transformative retreat experience in the jungles of Tulum, Mexico. Connect with the mystic powers of the Mayan totem jaguar and integrate the energies of the Full Moon during the JAGUAR ALCHEMY retreat. 


The ancient medicine of the jaguar has been used by the Mayan culture as The Great Integrator. Jaguars can walk in both the light and the shadow, otherwise known as yin & yang, sun & moon, or conscious & subconscious. The jaguar has the ability to transmute energy & ALCHEMIZE it to the highest good. We will harness the jaguar’s power as we expand into our full Self.


If you are you feeling detached from Source? Drained? Ungrounded? Stagnant? Or feeling like you need to shift energy but don’t know how? This retreat is for you. We will explore aura repair, self-expansion techniques, energy-field balancing, and tools to heal the healer in us all. We will create a safe space and stable foundation for everyone to come together as we ground down and explore our gifts as we help you fully understand and reach your capacity.


This retreat will give you time away from your busy schedule and overwhelming life duties and allow you to deepen your yoga practice, give you free time to journal and express yourself, meditate, experience native spiritual rituals, and gain tools to uplevel your life and create alchemy.


The JAGUAR ALCHEMY transformative and yoga retreat will leave you feeling clear, grounded, connected, and ready to actualize all the new tools you have gathered into your reality.

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Your Adventure Includes:

Vinyasa Gentle Flow

Sunrise Meditation

Yin + Restorative Yoga

Cacao Ceremony

Sound Healing & Reiki

Grounding and Clearing Workshop with QiGong

iRest Yoga Nidra

Full Moon Ritual

Holding Space for Self and Others Workshop

Breaking Free- Cord Cutting Meditation

Luxury Accommodations

3 Vegetarian or Vegan Non-Toxic Meals

Free Time to Explore

Day Trip to Local Cenotes

Roundtrip Airports Transportation

(CUN Airport)


**Not Included- Airfare, Optional Excursions, Alcohol, Travel Insurance (Mandatory)** 



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Single King Room

PRICE-$3263 Per Person. A king bed for one person. To share a king room with a friend or partner $2500 per person.

Queen Double Room

PRICE-$2815 Per Person. 2 queen beds for 2 people sharing a room.

$500 Deposit Needed To Secure a Spot. Payment Plans Available.

Email us at for more information.

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Laurana (LaLa) Kuhlman

Laurana Kuhlman is a skilled and passionate Reiki Master, Healer, Yogini, and Mentor. She works with those seeking to expand their knowledge of Self, and believes deeply that self-care is for everyone. Operating under the philosophy that there are many paths to healing, Laurana serves her clients at the mind, body, and spirit levels. Her goal is to inspire others to shift their personal narratives and fear-based thoughts, by providing the tools to release and transcend trauma stored in the physical and emotional body, in order to live a more present lifestyle.  


Laurana believes that by nurturing self-awareness and exploring your limiting beliefs you become an alchemist to your life. She uses her unique mix of East meets West combined with intuition and metaphysical training to guide her meditations, yoga sessions, and energy-healings.  


Being of service is Laurana’s dharma and her hope is to create a container for self-healing by holding space for others in all facets of their life.

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Camila Matos

Camila Matos is a yoga and meditation teacher in Austin, Texas. She came to yoga in 2010 as a way to manage her anxiety and panic attacks which had become debilitating. The practice invited her to challenge herself physically while creating space for inward reflection and, over time, healing. Camila used the practice of yoga as a tool to support her mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and led her to pursue teacher training in order to be able to share this work with others.


Her teaching style is rooted in the belief that yoga practice is a way for each of us to connect more deeply to our shared human experience and to welcome all aspects of our humanity. By creating space for what is, we invite the possibility of what could be.  


When not teaching and practicing yoga, you can find Camila scouring the web for cheap airfare to fuel her inner travel junkie, taking a kickboxing class, hiking with her dog Worm, or enjoying a good book and a cup of tea.

Holistika Tulum- Jungle Sanctuary

About Holistika “The jewel in the jungle. A magical hotel where wonderful things are going on.” The property has 2 pools, a treehouse, 2 yoga shalas, a sparkle infused sound healing dome, artists walk, a mouthwatering vegetarian restaurant and boutique accommodation. All rooms have A/C. Holistika sets the vibe to heal, balance and reconnect with your deepest self and nature.

Holistika is carved into the Mayan jungle on the edge of town. You can ride a bike into town or take a 20min taxi to the local beaches and archeological ruins in your free time. Expect to wake each morning to the sounds of nature. Nourish your body and soul with 3 fresh meals daily prepared with local ingredients.

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About Tulum & Getting There

Tulum, Mexico is in the southernmost state of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. Here you will find lush jungles merge with the Caribbean coast. Along with many archaeological sites and dynamic ecological areas, there is also an abundance of cenotes. Cenotes are fresh underground pools formed by collapsed limestone that have created caves. Cenotes are said to be healing waters and are spiritual for Mayans. Ancient Mayan ruins are spread throughout the region. The Mayan culture and traditional healing practices are still abundant in the area.  

Fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN) plan to arrive in the afternoon by 4 pm. There will be 2 shuttles to Tulum, one will depart at 1 pm, the next at 4 pm. From the airport expect a 1.5-hour drive. You can check in to Holistika any time after 3 pm on Sunday,  August 2nd. The shuttle will depart for CUN at 1030am on Friday, August 7th. Please arrange your flight home after 2 pm. This will give you at least 2 hours to check in to your flight.

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Single King Room - $3263, one person in King Size Bed. To share with a friend or partner $2500 each.

Queen Double Room - $2815, two queen beds for two people sharing a room.

$500 Deposit Needed To Secure Your Spot! Payment Plan Available.

Email for more information.
Jaguar Alchemy Yoga + Self Exploration Retreat with Laurana Khulman and Camila Matos in Tulum, August 2-7th, 2020

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