Are you a soulful leader or teacher who wants to create a transformational in-person experience for your community?

Rock Maze

If sharing your ideas and teaching your heartfelt mission to your clients in exotic locations is something you have been dreaming of. Look no further. This is an opportunity to finally fulfill your purpose and put on your dream retreat! We will be your partners throughout the whole experience.

Putting together a retreat requires a lot of leg work and logistics. We interviewed Meg Sylvester, a sought-after soulful entrepreneur about why she chooses to use retreat planning companies and she said, "As entrepreneurs, we tend to think we have to be good at all things. This mentality just produces lackluster results. Outsourcing and delegation have been a huge factor in the success of my business and retreats. Let experts take over so you can show up in your zone of genius." Read more about it here.  

Our job is to take your vision and ideas and make it real for you. Partnering with us allows you to take the stress off your plate and be fully engaged with your guests. You'll also have plenty of time to yourself, so you can rest and recharge and enjoy your time.

We fully vet the locations, put together meal plans, arrange transportation, excursions and local custom ceremonies you want to incorporate. We help you put together your ideal theme and program, create a sales page specifically for your retreat, help market the retreat, and collect all funds.  But not to worry! We go on the retreat with you to ensure it all runs smoothly. It's our job to deal with missed flight connections or missing yoga mats! 

Our main priority is you and your guests. It's your time together to learn from one another and share magical memories. If this sounds like something you are interested in reach out and we can schedule a free consultation!