Top 3 Hybrid Classes in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is having a moment in fitness. All lines are blurred and workouts are taking on a hybrid holistic look at the body and mind.

If you are looking to try out some new workouts before the January fitness boom and be a front-runner on the Well + Good fitness trend for 2019. Or just have these classes in your back pocket for your 2019 fitness goals. Here are my favorite classes offered at studios across L.A.

Here are the Top 3!

Sweat Sessions w/ Aubre Winters

Sweat Sessions offered at Knockout LA has all the elements. To start, you lay in savasana at the beginning and the end of the workout! Great music, high energy, fun dance cardio moves, strength training, and pilates mat inspired toning movements. This class allows so much physical expression your mind becomes centered as you break free from your comfort zone.

@Aubrewinters has infectious energy and has the special ability to remember all student’s names to keep them encouraged.

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The Class w/ Erin Rose Ward

One word to describe The Class would be collective. This class has all the physical challenges of a HIIT workout with burpees and long holds. However, the magic of the communal energy between the students and the teacher gets you through the tough moments. @Erin_Rose_Ward has the most open and welcoming energy of any teacher I’ve met. She leads you through inspiring unblocking meditative moments throughout bursts of cardio intervals.

I took this class at the Westside location at The Space in Santa Monica. But it is offered at Wanderlust, Hollywood, and Goorus Yoga, Pacific Palisades. The Class by Taryn Toomey has an innovative approach that most Westerners would call reversed, and is referred to as “a practice of self-study through physical conditioning.”

Ignite w/ Ivorie Jenkins

I’m already a regular to Sweat Yoga and their various locations across SoCal, so you could say I was comfortable with the idea and prepared to sweat. However, this class was amplified.

This class is described as curated yoga-pilates. I would call it primal yoga with pilates elements. @IvorieJenkins has great energy and flows along with you during class encouraging you and perfectly demonstrating all the moves while you do them together. Her dancer background does not go unnoticed when all the ballet-inspired moves are sprinkled in. The music is tribal beats that can transcend you to any time or place and allow you to let go.

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The special element about all 3 of these workouts is that the instructors are there doing it right by your side and encouraging you. They also all incorporate a resting ending to allow your body to recover gently.

I hope you all enjoy these classes as much as I do! Please share with buttons below.

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