Sedona Girl's Trip

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Sedona Red Rock Magic!

Sedona, Arizona, has long been known as a natural healing, high-vibes location. With the proximity to the famous red rock formations and energy vortexes, Sedona offers a much needed reprieve from city life.

People come to Sedona to experience spiritual growth and transformations while connecting to the Earth's energy.

We planned a laid-back bachelorette weekend for a group of 8. These are all the wonderful places we recommend to see and do!

1. Where to Stay

pool with rock views, pool in Sedona, swimming pool, lounge chairs
Shiloh House-Mid Mod Vibes

We found the perfect property for 8 on Airbnb! The house is located in West Sedona close to all your needs. There is plentiful restaurants, Whole Foods, coffee shops etc. The house had epic views from every window, as you can see from the pool shot above. The house was also located close to many hiking trails.

2. Where to Spa

day spa, Namti spa, outside spa, massage
Day Spay in West Sedona

While we wanted to check out Mii amo at The Enchantment Hotel, the spa was only offered for hotel guests. Instead, we opted for a local day spay. Namti Spa offered services to our whole party. Girls received massages, facials, eyebrow waxing, and body scrub treatments. This spa worked out great for our group, especially considering it was down the street from our Airbnb.

3. Where to Eat

outside of restaurant, butterfly, Mariposa
Mariposa Restaurant-Sedona

Mariposa is one of the nicest restaurants in Sedona. It is perched on a hill so it offers great views of the rocks from all angles. We chose this as our celebratory night out for the bride. If you make it there before sundown try and grab a seat on the patio to watch the sunset amidst all the fire-pits

4. Where to Hike

hiking, trail head, Sedona hikes, red clay, Bell Rock
Sedona Trail Head

The huge quantity of trails and hikes can be overwhelming in Sedona. I would say this is the number one attraction to the area. It's best to get an early start in the morning, since you will be choosing between flat paths, vortex hikes, and look out points from above. Since our group was large all of us did one or two hikes, not all together. Some chose to go on a yoga-hike combo, while some went to the hike pictured above, the Bell Rock Vista. Another highlight was Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, not as much of a hike as a small walk to the Buddha.

5. Where to get your Woo on

Crystal shop, Crsytal magic, crystals, jewelry, incense
Crystal Magic

Crystals, more crystals, aura photos, and more! There are so many fun woo woo places to explore in Sedona. Crystal Magic pictured above, is one of the the better known shops in town. But don't worry you cant miss them scattered all around town. The Center for new Age is the mecca for all mystical things. I also had the opportunity to meditate in an all crystal chamber at Tachyon Wellness, this place cannot be missed!

6. Where to explore

hot air balloon, sky, basket, parachute, fire, balloon
Hot Air Ballooning!

There is no better way to explore a city than through the sky! We rose at sunrise to explore the desert grounds from above. We chose to use Red Rock Balloons for our tour, and they did not disappoint! Nothing can compare to the peaceful serenity of floating above a magical city. This is our number one recommendation to explore Sedona!

There are so many extra details and more places to discuss. Email us with any questions, or if you'd like a trip of your own at: Please like and share the article with others!

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