Rain in the Forecast

If you have an upcoming trip in March or April you will probably encounter the dreaded “rain or showers” in the forecast. Don't let this stop you from enjoying your travel! All it requires is a good packing list to prepare you for your destination.

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Here are a few packing tips for uncertain climate changes this Spring Break.

Shoes- It's always important to pack leather shoes for the possibility of rain or chilly evenings at your destination. Luckily, tennis shoes have been on trend the last few years and will continue to be. We recommend a pair of simple leather sneakers such as these and these. Also, pack a great pair of leather booties to help dress up any outfit.

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Umbrella -A compact travel umbrella is a must. Make sure its small enough to hide away in your bag. Don’t sacrifice your happiness on your trip for the sake of toughness. We all need an umbrella to stay dry and enjoy sightseeing for hours.

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Hat- A hat of your choice is also a convenient packing tip for weather that’s wet without actual rain. A cute baseball cap or fedora such as these or a more affordable version here.

hats, fedoras, colorful hats, felt hats, rain hats

Coat- A light trench coat or basically any item from the uber cool unisex line Rains, or another version of a water propellant coat is your best-friend during Spring Showers. You may want to choose a casual day coat or a more sleek coat to transition you to a night out.

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Bag- Lastly a nice water-resistant bag. There is a reason why you see so many women travel with a Longchamp bag on your flights. They are essentially the modern day Mary Poppins bags and are weather friendly! Another great travel choice is a heavy leather cross body bag.

woman in coat and hat, woman in jeans and hat, woman in travel outfit, crossbody bag
Voila! The perfect travel outfit for possible showers!

I hope these packing tips help you the next time your stomach sinks when you see rain the the forecast! Please share with the friends below!

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