Now Is the Time to Save For a Dream Vacation

You may have started out 2020 thinking you would gallivant around Europe this summer. Fast forward to August and we haven’t left our homes in 5 months. All of those plans set aside.

Now is the time to put into action all of those daydreams about a Mediterranean sailing trip, or wine tasting through Tuscany, or lounging in your private bungalow over the water in The Maldives. Think Big!

Think of all the ways you aren’t spending money right now, and directly put that towards future memories! Gym memberships, haircuts, spa treatments, restaurants, gas money, movie nights- all of this can now be budgeted for your dream holiday!

You may have to wait another year for this dream to become a reality, but all the better and more luxurious it will be. The best part- you won't have any stress over the cost of things since you will be well prepared.

Travel is a known mood enhancer. Planning a trip for the future will make you a happier person, give you an exciting topic to discuss, and a newfound hobby to focus on while stuck at home.

How To Begin

1. Start a budget- come up with a figure you think you may need based on where you want to go. A good place to start for one person is $4000.

2. Open an online savings account- or add a sub-account to an already existing one so it is difficult to dip into, out of sight out of mind. Ally is a great option if you need help categorizing your money.

3. Set up weekly or monthly payments- whichever you feel most comfortable with, and one you won’t notice as easily. I find an automatic transfer every payday helps. If you need to monitor if you are on the right track Mint works great.

4. Look at your dream hotels- they may be offering gift cards for future use at a discount with no expiration date. It is a good idea to check airlines as well.

5. Make a Vision Board- what stands out? Architecture, food, philanthropy, exotic animals? Look at this to stay motivated.

Reach out to us for some more inspiration and support! We believe travel should be easy, enjoyable, luxurious, and inspiring. Start saving now and you will have something exciting to put your future thoughts on.

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