New Year Intentions vs Resolutions

A new year is upon us and with that, it is time to set a new intention from the heart. It’s time to let go of past resolutions that maybe you didn’t follow through on. Resolutions typically set you up for failure because they make it seem like you are lacking something to begin with. An intention is different. An intention is a mindset you are sharing with yourself and to the world. An intention is a positive thought from the heart.

A few examples of simple intentions to start with can be gratitude and mindfulness.

Gratitude- to live in thanks

  • Gratitude journaling, I started writing in a gratitude journal everyday late last year and I have seen a huge shift in my positivity. This 5 minute journal is a great place to start.

  • Gratitude app, this blog post shares the top 5 apps you can use. My personal favorite not listed is, Grateful.

flower, gratitude quote, artichoke, inspiring quote, grateful quote on a flower

Mindfulness- to live in the present

  • Limit worrying, this can be done by limiting time on your phone or computer.

  • Live more minimalist, the Marie Kondo fad is not going anywhere, and it may be time to simplify your surroundings which can make you more aware.

  • Morning rituals, having a morning ritual is a huge stress reliever and sets you up for success every day. Here’s an article shared my Mind Body Green giving 3 reasons why you need a morning ritual.

Once you have decided on a simple one word intention write it down and think about simple adjustments you can make in your daily decisions that align with this new intention. Eventually, they will just become part of your character.

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