How Breathwork Changed My Life

I have been practicing Breathwork for over 3 years now, and each session holds a new experience and a new depth to uncover. My first Breathwork experience was at a retreat in a large room with over 100 people and the energy and healing of the group was palpable. I opened my eyes at the end of the class and felt like I was in the clouds, my legs tingled and my head was crystal clear, free of all chatter. I looked to the two girls on either side of me and we agreed we all felt the same way. I have been practicing Breathwork regularly since that day, and over the last year, I became certified to teach others.

If you are new to Breathwork and curious what it's all about, or how it can help you, I will explain how it has profoundly shifted my life.

I am someone who avoids confrontation, makes choices from guilt and obligation, and holds in my feelings. Winning combination…I know. All of these habits I learned at a young age have had a direct consequence on my physical and mental health. Body pain, teeth clenching, bad skin, joint inflammation, migraines, the list goes on.

The biggest challenge with these coping mechanisms, as in with all learned coping skills, is that the body remembers and stores all of your unfelt emotions, negative energy, and overflowing resentment. Even when your mind tries its hardest to ignore them.

The purpose of this form of Breathwork is to push past the mind and drop you directly into your body. This is a body-centered active meditation. It works to release emotional pain from the body.

This is why it has had such a profound effect on me. My mind cannot control the situation. My only option is to surrender to the experience. I have released more emotions, pain, and grief in one Breathwork session than I did in 2 years of traditional therapy. It travels far deeper than the mind can express, especially for someone like me who is afraid to express these exact emotions.

Each session differs depending on what you are feeling that day, and the level of intensity you can muster. Your body is so intelligent and knows what you are capable of, and will meet you accordingly. In some sessions, I cry with complete sadness and emotional release, while in other sessions I feel empowered and ready to conquer my future.

People who practice Breathwork regularly notice an improvement in anxiety, stress, fear, and sadness. It can help you find your voice or self-expression, as it has done for me.

I know it sounds too good to be true, and not everyone will find as much healing from Breathwork as I have. However, the more people experience and practice Breathwork the more common it is. This is the key to emotional freedom!

Breathwork has given me emotional freedom, connection to my intuition, self-love, and clarity in so many areas of my life, and I am SO excited to share the experience with you.

I will be hosting a free community Breathwork class every Friday for the month of October.

Register Here. If you have more questions about Breathwork or would like to set up a private session, please reach out! Email me,

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