Healthy Snacks at the Airport

As a health and wellness business owner, my first tip for healthy airport snacks would be to pack your own. But let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to gather a food bag while we are rushing to make our flight on time. I’m personally someone who pushes the airline "suggested time" to board to the max, albeit always stressing my travel companion to the max.

Or say you are the well-prepared type and have a bag of your favorite goodies with you at the airport only to find out your flight has been delayed for multiple hours and you need more food.

Eating out of boredom is something that catches up with all of us while travelling. To keep yourself in check, and feeling your best once you reach your destination:

Here are some easy airport snack options.

apples, airport snack, apple, red apple
Apples are a great pick! Plus they won't get smashed in your bag.

1. FRUIT- Apples, bananas, oranges, a fruit cup. Even dried fruit you can get in the newsstand stores.

almonds, bag of almonds, nuts
A bag of almonds is always a safe choice!

2. NUTS- Any bag of plain almonds, peanuts, pistachios. Trail mix offers a nice variety of flavors and options you can choose from. I would even define a Kind Bar as nuts.

plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, yogurt in a bowl
Greek yogurt is super high in protein.

3. PROTEIN- Greek yogurt, beef jerky (plain is the best option) a cheese and meat selection.

popcorn, popcorn bowl, snack popcorn, snack
Popcorn is an easy snack that fulfills the urge to munch on things.

4. SNACKS- Popcorn, Pop Chips, veggies and hummus, dark chocolate covered almonds.

water, water in a box, boxed water
Water in a box is an environmentally friendly way to buy water when in public.

5. DRINKS- water, coffee, almond milk or full fat latte.

Pro tip: Always have water on hand. If you are running late make it a priority to find the water fountain or filling station if you packed your own reusable bottle. Or buy a bottle for yourself. Getting stuck on a live tarmac for an extended time with no food or drinks, this will save you!

What are some of your favorite airport snacks that I didn’t list? Please share and let me know.

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