An Interview With Meg Sylvester

We sat down to interview our friend, coach, and overall wellness and retreat leader extraordinaire, Meg Sylvester, to find out her favorite parts of hosting a retreat and why she chooses to use retreat planning services.

Truly Connected Travel-Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Meg Sylvester- I love supporting people through a transformative process. I’m a mentor, a meditation and yoga teacher, an entrepreneur, sound healer, mom, wife, taco lover, and generally happy person. I like to wear lots of hats!

TCT-What is your favorite thing about hosting a retreat?

Meg-Hands down - the energy. I love the special energy created in a retreat. I love seeing the attendees bond with one another. I love witnessing hard exterior shells breaking down, the veil is being lifted, new ideas being explored, and seeing the spark of purpose and self-love being kindled.

TCT-How many retreats have you hosted?

Meg- Five, my sixth one is in November.

TCT-What is your biggest struggle when planning a retreat?

Meg-Logistics- negotiating rates, deposits, helping participants get to and from the event, and marketing materials. AND… details during the retreat that don’t have to do with me teaching and leading.

TCT-What made you look to retreat planning services?

Meg- I just wanted the process to feel easier and I wanted to feel supported and make it easier on myself when I was leading, so I could show up and do what I love rather than focusing on behind the scenes.

TCT-How have your retreats changed from your first one?

Meg- They just get easier and easier. I have the agenda nailed down and it’s just plugged and play now. I have a system from start to finish. I know exactly what I need and don't go overboard. I know what’s important and what’s unnecessary.

TCT-How do you choose your locations?

Meg-Honestly, intuition. Wherever I’m being called to. From there, I always check the weather to make sure it’s not smack dab in the middle of the rainy season if it’s a tropical location. I once had a retreat get snowed in with no electricity for 24 hours, so the weather is kind of a big deal for me!

TCT-In your opinion what makes a retreat successful?

Meg-The energy and how the attendees feel. A magical setting, an intentional agenda, and making sure all elements are cohesive (I wouldn’t serve pizza at a meditation retreat, and wouldn’t be blaring heavy metal music, lol! Everything has got to feel like it’s made to support the intention and energy of the retreat)

TCT- Would you recommend retreat planning companies to other soulful entrepreneurs?

Meg-Oh my gosh, yes!!! As entrepreneurs, we tend to think we have to be good at all things. This mentality just produces lackluster results. Outsourcing and delegation have been a huge factor in the success of my business and retreats. Let experts take over so you can show up in your zone of genius!

Thank you for the interview Meg! If you want to find more info on Meg, please follow her on Instagram @meghansylvester. If you have more questions about hosting a retreat please contact us! Email:

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