8 Easy Tips for Your International Carry-on

At this point, all of us know its best to take a carry-on to every destination. But what we pack in our small underseat carry-on bag really says a lot about how comfortable you’ll be mid-flight.

Here are 8 easy tips for your international carry-on and some of my favorite packing essentials to make flights more bearable and if I dare say comfortable.

1. Large cashmere scarf- let’s be honest who doesn’t want to be wrapped in luxurious cashmere at all times. Not only does it help keep you warm, its nice to keep the dingy airplane blankets for the waist down.

warm cashmere infinity scarf for travel

2. Pen and paper- I think I can honestly say I have literally shared a pen with a row mate on every International flight I’ve ever taken. Pens are necessary when filling out documents for Immigration, and especially necessary when you fill them out wrong and have to get back in line to redo them.

pen and paper for plane rides

3. Pillow- I picked up this gem a few years back before I was traveling through Central America and not only did it help me sleep, it also acts a sleep mask. If you are anything like me, people watching me sleep is not high on my list so the “built-in” eye coverage is a huge plus because eye masks make me claustrophobic.

4. Books- I always have a handful of reading materials in case the plane does not have entertainment or the unfortunate unexpected layover. Here are a few suggestions.

#youareabadassbook #untetheredsoul #dkeyewitnesstravel

Travel books for the plane

5. Snacks- I don’t leave the house without a snack in hand, so flying around the world means I need that many more. Plane food is not really my thing so eating all my snacks helps keep me thriving in flight.

healthy travel snacks to take on the plane

6. Lacrosse ball- If you love a window seat on long-haul flights getting up to stretch often can be difficult. Lacrosse balls are a fantastic way to get relief while sitting. I love to roll the ball over the tops of my thighs and low back for instant pain and stiffness relief.

7. Supplements- Activated charcoal, Calm pouches, Probiotics, Vital Proteins, 8 Greens

8. Pouches and more pouches- Not only are they cute and can be used as a clutch at your destination; they are super-efficient at organizing everything and bring together the whole list above. I use one for in use plane toiletries, supplements, pen and paper, and electronics. Pouches make flying easy when you go digging in your bag every hour for something new.

leather travel pouches

I hope you find these tips useful for your next international adventure. Comment below if I missed any important ones you find necessary when you fly. Please share with anyone going on an international trip soon!

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