7 Ideas for Better Sleep

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Sleep deprivation is something the majority of Americans deal with. Whether it's work keeping them up at night, they have young children, they are addicted to technology, or just the stress of tomorrow is weighing on them.

Here are 7 ideas you can incorporate into your sleep routine for better rest!

1. While winding down at night it’s a must to wear blue light blocking glasses. You can read about it here. The blue light emitted from TVs, cell phones, and laptops trick your brain into thinking its daytime. Light inhibits the secretion of melatonin. These glasses help eliminate the light and signal rest for your brain. Some are even cute now!

2. Tea, specifically sleepy time tea, reishi hot chocolate or anything else that signals sleep to you. It’s such an enjoyable nighttime habit to have. Every night at your chosen time to start to get ready for bed. Having this nighttime regimen will signal your brain to relax and calm down.

3. Put away your phone before you brush your teeth, wash your face, or any other bathroom bedtime ritual, and don’t look at it again until morning! Nothing important is happening from the time you stop looking at your phone to getting ready for bed. Use this time as a brain relaxant. You won’t miss anything, it will be there when you wake up.

4. No TV in your bedroom. This one is difficult for a lot of people, I get it. Sleep can be hard enough without the added distraction of a TV. It's best just not to have one, the temptation will be too strong.

5. On that same note, your bedroom is your sanctuary. Treat it like so. Put away your clothes and your clutter. Make your bedroom a serene, relaxing, inviting space that calls your name and puts you into a deep sleep.

6. Make sure your room is dark, Real Dark. The slightest sliver of light from a hallway or the sunlight can disturb your sleep. You can read the research here.

7. CBD Oil is everywhere you turn these days, you can buy it as candy, chocolate, lotions, tinctures, and so on. Many people find it promotes a good nights sleep. Pure CBD oil contains no THC, and studies show it can reduce insomnia. If you are interested in trying CBD for the first time, check out this great first time buying guide.

I hope some of these ideas will bring you better sleep. Dealing with sleep deprivation can take a toll on every aspect of your life. Try incorporating one item at a time until they all can become healthy daily habits; and before you know it you'll be well rested and feeling your best!

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